Manufacturing & selling incubation and processing equipment for hatchery and refrigeration equipment at poultry processing plant



  • Building new hatchery
  • Expanding present hatchery
  • 2Previous consultation

    Calculate necessary floor space from the following items:

  • The number of hatched chicks(per day, per year and maximum)
  • The number of incubators (multi-stage/single-stage setters and hatchers)
  • The number of storage eggs (average and maximum)
  • Method of processing chick (sexing or not and vaccination)
  • Chick storage (delivering on the day of hatch or the next day of hatch)
  • 3Design & Layout Submission

    Design the basic layout and zoning ( according to hygienic management level ). Based on the zoning, make the optimum air conditioning design.

    4Quotation & Confirmation

    Determine the electrical capacity & water consumption based on both the number of equipment and the hours of operation etc. Submit the approximate construction quotation of the entire facility to satisfy the hatchery’s particular needs.

    5Order Acknowledgment

    6Hatchery Construction

    7Equipment Installation

    8Hatchery Completion

    Depending upon the size of facilities, it takes approximately three month for hatchery completion.

    9Trial-run & Start-up

    Confirm to check the operation of incubations, temperature proofreading, warnings for the last time. It’s ready for delivery of work.

    10Delivery of Works

    11After-sales support

    Offer you the after-sales service such as phone-calls, e-mails, and/or sending our engineer at your site.