Manufacturing & selling incubation and processing equipment for hatchery and refrigeration equipment at poultry processing plant

About us


I mention both “The way to 100-year company” and “Adapting ourselves to the environmental change” as our long term management goals.

In other words, we will serve our customers in the long run by supplying our products and services to the poultry market continuously while both domestic and international markets have drastically been changed.

Well, as for the poultry meat and egg, there is a merit to be able to provide the most high quality protein source with the least feeding in comparison with other livestock products. Our vision is a thought, “ We want to significantly contribute to the global food production by the innovative product devoted with our originality and creativity”.

Our company mission (social mission) is as follows.

①We would like our customers to maximize their profit for a long term by supplying our excellent incubation system to them. Objectively speaking, our customer can gain the more economical benefit with the more hatch of better quality day-old chick at the least production cost, by the means that they use our incubation systems with excellent energy efficiency and workability.
Besides, the operation of water chiller for chilling the eviscerated carcass at the poultry processing plant, provides not only efficient chilling but also significant energy, labor, and water savings. Moreover, this water chiller has been used for various purposes, and it results in many installations, such as chilling food, for example, hot pack filled “tofu”, and mass concrete cooling, for example, chilling the fresh mixed concrete used for building the foundation of “Akashi Strait Great Bridge”, world’s longest suspension bridge.
②We will undertake our business mainly in Asia, because the most demand of both poultry meat and egg will be expected in the Asian developing countries where population and personal income have remarkably been increased recently.
③We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility by taking into consideration our stakeholders' interests, and we will be a trustworthy partner with them.
④We will strive for compliance.

We will positively realize what mentioned the above in near future.