Manufacturing & selling incubation and processing equipment for hatchery and refrigeration equipment at poultry processing plant


Hatchery Automation Equipment

We offer a wide range of hatchery automation equipments for your needs of labor saving.
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Chick counter

Automatically counts and places the day old chicks into the chick box.

Capacity 25,000 chicks/hour
Power supply Three-phase 200V
First conveyor 1unit×0.1kW
Second conveyor 1unit×0.1kW
Third conveyor 1unit×0.2kW
Chain conveyor 1unit×0.1kW Controls1unit×0.1kW
Total 0.6kW
Option IB spray

Basket washer

Capacity 12 seconds/basket
Power supply Three-phase 200V 50/60Hz
Electrics Main pump 3x7.5kW
Side pump 3.7kW
Chain-conveyer 1x0.2kW
U-turn motor 2pcsx0.1kW
Controls 0.1kW
Total 26.7kW
Water consumption 5,400L/hour
Piping VP40
Nozzle Rotary nozzle upper×2pcs, lower×4pcs
Material Stainless steel
Option U-turn system

Chick sexing system

Dimension Diameter 1,200-2,265mm
Height 859mm
Electric power Single-phase

Container washer

Capacity 360 containers/hour
Main wash 7.5kW pump
5.5kW powered water spray
Water consumption 50L/minute
Material Stainless Steel