Manufacturing & selling incubation and processing equipment for hatchery and refrigeration equipment at poultry processing plant



Refrigerant: R404A
Large water chiller : supply the chilled water at 0.5 ℃

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  • Pre-cooling/cooling poultry carcasses
  • Pre-cooling/cooling processed food

  • Advantages
    High efficient chilling system
    Able to chill the liquid contained foreign materials and small pieces of processed foods by recirculation. Direct circulation type supplies 0.5℃ chilled water.
    Hygienic design
    Use the stainless steel for the chilling pipes and they contact water directly. Able to wash the chilling pipes easily and prevent to stick dirt inside pipes.
    Save Space
    The foot print is the least by space-saving rational design . Standard model is furnished with the power panel.
    Save Labor
    Able to operate automatically with timer.
    Model HTC-U-70H HTC-U-150H HTC-U-200H
    Refrigeration<kW> 77.5/92 155/184 215/258
    Height 2,200 2,300 2,300
    Width 1,750
    Length 2,380 4,600 6,000
    Weight<kg> 2,400 4,300 5,900
    Power supply Three-phase 200V
    Compressor<kW> 30 30×2 26.3×3
    Quantity of chilled water circulation<m³/h> 40 80 120
    Refrigerant R404A
    Quantity of refrigerant filled<kg> 70 120 200
    Piping Inlet 65A 80A 100A
    Outlet 65A 80A 100A

    *The refrigeration capacity is in the case of outlet water at 1.0℃ and condensing temperature at 35.0℃
    *The standard model is a water-cooled type. Cooling towers are required separately. Please ask us for the air-cooled model.